Authenticity: The Key to Awakening Your Full Intelligence


Be yourself. Be real.

These clichés are easily uttered, but far from easily lived. Many people include these clichés in their list of success tips, but I see very few people personifying them. I hardly see any on-stage authenticity in the speaking profession, to be frank. Yet, being sincere is central.

How do you get more bookings? How do you secure return business? How do you maintain competitive advantage? How boring. How mundane. How do you be yourself? Now we’re talking!

People who chase money, give exactly that impression. Skilled marketers are convincing on that level only. Advocates of greatness are so run-of-the-mill. Every ego in history has aspired to overcome inner inadequacy with outer achievement, and has ultimately failed. It’s so predictable. Trying to be extraordinary is ordinary.

Run through the list of speakers on any bureau’s site and tell me that most of them aren’t obsessed with the same story. Tell me they aren’t politicians cultivated to procure popularity. It’s always about doing, and never about being. There is focus on how to achieve on the outside, but no one seems to know or care about the inside. Most speakers have their heads up their how-to lists. Now, say that using gestures you learned on an NLP course!

Be authentic.

Any other approach is the long, lost way around. Authenticity is the simple and profound key, here and now, to awakening your full intelligence. It’s the innocent wisdom of a child, and the enlightened insight of a sage. Being real cannot fail you. If it doesn’t seem to work, circumstance and understanding will come around in time. How can sincerity be at fault? Stick to it no matter what. Make it your primary endeavor.

Be still. Settle through the layers of noise in your head until you are centered. Let the other voices fade, and hear the subtle but powerful voice within. Let that guide you, not everyone else’s top 10 tips. Follow your truth. No matter the situation or challenge, trust your inner knowing. Make it your life’s work. Everything else will follow.

Speak from the heart, to the hearts of others. Slow down and let silence speak through your words. Drop the addiction to content, and be conscious. It’s a higher level of living. Spread awareness instead of perfecting performance. Give people your presence, not a presentation. It’s what the world really needs now.

Swap being cunning for being clean and clear. Don’t be a politician; be a person. Whatever is brought on by managing appearances can be swept away, while whatever truth reveals can only get deeper and wiser. Being clever and crafty makes you essentially empty. Being real makes you really wealthy.

Authenticity is your biggest challenge, your biggest reward, and your biggest gift to the world.

Be true. It’s the only real thing to do.

Robin Wheeler

Robin Wheeler

Speaker, Consultant, Author at BEntrepreneurING
Robin Wheeler coined the phrase ‘being yourself for a living’ in 1996 as an intelligent response to changes in the world, business and people. He speaks and consults internationally and is author of the INSIGHTS series of books on the topic.
Robin Wheeler
Robin Wheeler
Robin Wheeler

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