Be More YOU

I bombed. I thought I would never make it as a professional speaker. Heck, I didn’t think I ever wanted to get in the front of a room ... »


10 Cringe-Worthy Speaker Behaviors

We always hear about “best practices on the podium,” and what we should do as platform professionals; but what about the stuff that seems to... »


What’s Your Problem? 3 Steps to Find the Answer

Do you know what your problem is? You have no idea what your problem is; and that is your problem. As a speaker, when you don’t know what yo... »


4 Reasons Why Good Advice Won’t Work for You

Isn’t good advice always worth taking? And don’t we all want good advice from whoever can give it? The reality is that people sometime... »


Creativity & Innovation: Your Keys to a Successful Speaking Career

One way to get the attention of meeting planners is to talk about creativity and innovation in your speech. But that’s not enough if you’re ... »


Authenticity: The Key to Awakening Your Full Intelligence

Be yourself. Be real. These clichés are easily uttered, but far from easily lived. Many people include these clichés in their list of succes... »


The Value of Soft Skills in a Hard World

Not long ago, soft skills were viewed as unnecessary, a waste of time, and a dead end for marketing speaking engagements. Well, things have ... »


On the Contrary

My first several years as a speaker, consultant and entrepreneur were spent focusing on what everyone else was doing. I tried to figure out ... »

The 4-Step Formula for Seeing Humor in the World

The 4-Step Formula for Seeing Humor in the World

One of the most common questions funny people get is, “How do you ever come up with that stuff?” As a professional humorist (as opposed to a... »

Be the Leader in Your Own Life

Be the Leader in Your Own Life

Bad things happen to good people. That’s just a harsh reality of life. That’s the bad news. The good news is that your success in life has s... »

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