The Myths of Uniqueness and Being the Best

Competency is Just Table Stakes Many people complain about the external forces that keep them from their goals. But it’s becoming clear that... »


6 Tricks to Stay Sane in the Business

I continually remind myself  to balance my life physically, mentally and spiritually every day to have the strength to be the woman and spea... »


Do Less, Make More: Work Only One Hour a Day by Mastering Leverage

I’ve been trying an experiment. For the last six months, I’ve been working, on average, only one hour each day on my speaking business. This... »


Do You Notice Everything?

Are You a Highly Perceptive Individual? How to Deal with Exceptional Perception and Extraordinary Perspective Dale Irvin, CPAE, gave his sum... »


The 7 Daily Disciplines of the Successful Speaker

Fellow professional speaker Scott Ginsberg once asked me, “What do you do each day to assure your ongoing success?” I thought it was one of ... »


Brassy vs. Classy: What Professional Speakers Can Learn from a YouTube Misfit

One of the most popular YouTube channels belongs to a brassy, in-your-face, 26-year-old young woman named Jenna Mourey, aka Jenna Marbles.  ... »

Randy Gage Acceptance Speech

The 6-Minute Speech and the Monster Under the Bed

Young children occasionally cry out in the night from bad dreams of a monster hiding under the bed. Parents respond by immediately turning o... »


Five Speaking Rules You Can Break

As with almost anything else you read about the speaking business, these ideas may or may not work for you. They work for me. As the old say... »


Brave New Speaking World, Same Old Principles

Mike Frank, CSP, CPAE, as told to Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE The next time you speak at a seminar, be aware that you might change the course ... »


Be a Productive Road Warrior. Travel tips from the trenches.

Professional speakers know that travel comes with the territory—it’s a job hazard, so to speak. But not everyone has the natural ability to ... »

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