Testimonials: Powerful Words

Life would be much simpler — and sales would be effortless — if all new clients came from trusted referrals. But that’s not always possible,... »


10 Simple Ways to Eliminate the Regrets of 20/20 Hindsight

When I was in the early stages of my speaking career, I had abundant time and opportunities ahead of me. Unfortunately, I lacked perspective... »


Content Strong: How to Strategically Showcase Your Content to Build Your Brand

After many years working with speakers, I’ve noticed a curious trend related to their content: They often don’t think they have much. Of cou... »


The Art of Powerful Testimonials: Tips to Help Grow Your Business

Which are you more likely to believe: a company representative telling you how great their product is, or a recommendation from another pers... »


3 Things Great Speakers of Tomorrow are Doing TODAY

Standing out in the world of professional speaking is similar to a pool table run meaning it’s equally as important to set yourself up... »


8 Habits to Communicate Better in a Social Media World

“Just because they build it, do we have to come?” Yes, technology know-how and social media savvy are essential for all of us who want to st... »


Twitter 101: 5 Easy Ways to Get Started

As a digital marketer, I love Twitter – for work and for my speaking engagements. So, it’s no surprise that fellow speakers ask me “Do I rea... »


Be Your Own Publicist: 8 Rules to Follow

People ask me, “Why do I need a publicist?” My answer, “Because there are too many stories, too many angles, and too many opportunities you ... »


3 Reasons to Tweet for Yourself

If you’re not tweeting for yourself, you’re wrong! I’ve noticed a lot of speakers using Twitter – and that is awesom... »


Get Ready For Your Close-Up: How Speakers Can Get On the Tube

Face it; there simply is not a more direct and effective way for a speaker to promote an event than appearing on television.  Blast all the ... »

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