Top 10 Most Annoying Speaker Habits

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect Every Time You’re On Stage…But You Definitely Want to Avoid Traits and Habits that Prevent Effective Communicat... »


6 Tips to Reload Your Internal Database

Backstage before a concert, you will find the professional musicians rehearsing the well-known numbers they are about to perform for the ump... »


When Saying “Yes” Can Cost You

To showcase or not to showcase? That seems to be the perennial argument in speaking communities, with opinions split between those who belie... »


Your Invisible Anchor: 6 Steps to Inspire Action

Everyone has heard of Pavlov’s dogs. He showed a dog a steak and rang a bell at the same time. The dog salivated. After a few times of repea... »


Tips to Stop Using the “F Word”

Have you ever been asked by a local association to do a FREE speaking gig? Of course you have. Many times associations offer that powerful a... »


What it Takes to Be Perceived as Powerful on the Platform

Brian Palmer, the president of the National Speakers Bureau (NSB), is a long-time supporter of NSA, as was his father the legendary John Pal... »


Powerful Presence: What You Deliver Beyond Your Words

Have you ever watched yourself on video with the sound off? What is your body saying? What about when you walk on- and off-stage: When you t... »


5 Times When ‘Faking It’ is Better Than Authenticity

There have been times when I have put on an act for my clients and audiences. And, contrary to the conventional NSA wisdom about always bein... »


Don’t Be Caught Tailoring Your Presentation with These 5 Tricks

When you tailor your presentation to a particular audience, you not only prove your professionalism in understanding them and their needs, y... »

Seated Ovations: How to Measure Your Presentation’s Success

Seated Ovations: How to Measure Your Presentation’s Success

Who doesn’t like to receive a standing ovation? It’s the ultimate conclusion to a terrific presentation. It is validation. It is (for those ... »

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