Get Ready For Your Close-Up: How Speakers Can Get On the Tube


Face it; there simply is not a more direct and effective way for a speaker to promote an event than appearing on television.  Blast all the emails you want.  Tweet until you can tweet no more.  An image may be worth a thousand words, but that image-prepared and polished-on TV delivers a crystal clear message to tens of thousands of viewers.  That message is I want to be a part of that!

In addition to my cherished career as a speaker, I enjoy a career in television that currently spans over two decades.  As a veteran entertainment host on E!, I have interviewed everyone from Hollywood movie stars to world leaders, and have learned much about the art of the sound bite and the on camera appearance.

The sit-down interview is beneficial to the guest on many levels.  Viewers feel comfortable with its conversational tone and instantly feel as if they are part of the chat, thus making them more attentive. Being that tuned in allows audiences to be informed while they are entertained.

Experience has clearly shown that appearing on television has done wonders for attendance at my own events, as well as boosted sales for my books and audio programs.  As a professional speaker, you have invested countless hours into developing your presentation.  To assist you in spreading your message and brand farther than ever before, I will now share four key steps to booking and maximizing a television appearance.

Hire a publicist.  No one would be able to even pronounce the name Kardashian, let alone identify them all by picture, were it not for a good publicist.  Though pricy, it is the easiest route to exposure.

Identify the stations/programs you want to go after.  Once you have an event scheduled and know your target audience, a simple Internet search will provide information on which show(s) connect to your demographic.  If you will be speaking on leadership, appearing on an entertainment magazine show is pointless.

Contact the producer or host of the program directly.  Send them links to you onstage and share with them how your upcoming event relates to a topic of the day.  You may even provide them questions to ask you. For example, your business leadership seminar provides much needed guidance to those currently involved in the closing of a local factory.  Always make sure the producer has the correct spelling of your name and correct address for your website.

Once your appearance has been booked, arrive early and ready to razzle dazzle.  Get plenty of rest the night before, wear your power outfit, and be armed with short, direct answers.  Making the interviewer’s job easy makes for a better segment. Finally, say Thank You and invite everyone onset to attend your event.  Heck, even invite them to bring their cameras!

There you have it. You are a star…now go shine!

Todd Newton

Todd Newton

TV personality, Author, Keynote speaker, Emcee at Todd Newton
Todd Newton is an award-winning TV game show host, author, and speaker on success and human achievement in all areas of life. His Premier Presentations training assists professional speakers in reaching new heights in their business.
Todd Newton
Todd Newton