Contribute to this Blog

Got something important to say that you want the speaking world to know? We are currently looking for contributing authors who want to share their expertise in any of the following categories:

  • SPEAK – eloquence, delivery, platform skills
  • MARKET – positioning, branding, marketing strategies
  • SELL – getting booked, negotiation skills, bureaus, client relationships,meeting planners
  • PUBLISH – books, podcasts, publishing agents, self-publishing
  • LIFESTYLE – work/life balance, travel tips, etc
  • OFFICE – management, systems, operations, finance tips
  • TECHNOLOGY – handy apps for speakers, workflow automation, trends

All submissions should be leading-edge, trendy, content rich and have how-to, practical applications, examples and case studies. The submissions must be unique, engaging, entertaining, conversational and fun to read. Think: highly shareable content that would catch your attention as a professional speaker. Submissions must be 500-700 words max. Original, unpublished content is preferred, but previously published content, such as on your website, may be published as well. You will receive a one sentence byline with photo, name, title, website link and links to your social media profiles. You’ll not only increase your SEO by being a blog contributor, you’ll also get in front of a list of thousands of speakers from around the world. The National Speaker’s Association’s communications department will review submissions. Submitting a post does not guarantee it will be published.