24 Social Media Tips to Engage Your Audience

24 Social Media Tips to Engage Your Audience

How do you extend the relationship with your audience beyond the duration of your keynote?

This a challenge that I’ve definitely grappled with, and fortunately, social media is a great tool to overcome it.

Over hundreds of presentations, my business partner and I have worked to refine a checklist that we’ve used to make sure we:

  • Build relationships with the audience before we even get on stage
  • Help to promote the event (event organizers love this!)
  • Extend the duration and impact of our presentations
  • Grow our community and business

Here is the 24-point speakers social media template we use to help us market our presentations before, during and after an event.


1. Share the event via your own social media accounts to help raise visibility for the organizer.

2. Check out the event hashtag and connect with people via Twitter and LinkedIn. (This way you’ll have “friends” in the audience before you even start!)

3. Include your Twitter handle and the event hashtag on your slides.

4. Add your slides to Slideshare so your audience can access them later – it’s also a great way for people to see your presentations if they are considering hiring you.

5. Set up a resources page with your contact details, slides, links, resources and offers to make it easy for your audience.

On the day:

6. Tweet about the event using the hashtag.

7. Interact with fellow tweeters to build expectation for your presentation.

8. Use Buffer to schedule a few tweets to coincide with important points you’ll make when you are speaking (it will seem like magic!).

On stage:

9. Tell people your Twitter handle.

10. Encourage people to tweet – you can even prepare slides with content specifically for the audience to tweet like a key statistic. This way they feel involved in your presentation.

11. Remind the audience about the event hashtag.

12. Invite people to tweet questions – you (or an assistant) can then check the twitter feed to answer these questions when appropriate.

13. Get someone to film your keynote – this becomes great content for your speaker reel, for feedback and for sharing or selling later.

14. Share the resources page link on your slides. If you’re not making a specific offer from the stage, then this is a great way to get people into your community and means they can share it with their friends.

15. Ask attendees if they’d like to receive your resources via email and opt-in to your newsletter (make it easy for them if they say yes and collect their business cards – a simple prize e.g. a bottle of wine works really well for this).

At the venue:

16. Answer further questions on social media.

17. When you’re mingling with attendees, connect with their social media accounts.

18. Get some photos to post on Twitter or LinkedIn. This really helps to humanize a presentation, and people love to see and share photos of themselves!

Follow up:

19. Reply to tweets.

20. Post photos to Facebook and tag the names of attendees if relevant.

21. Transcribe any business cards so you can market to these people long after the presentation is finished.

22. Email attendees the link to your resources page.

23. Send a thank you tweet, LinkedIn post, Facebook post and note to the organizer. This helps to close the loop, and increases the chances of you being invited back!

24. Connect with people on LinkedIn and ask for a few LinkedIn recommendations for your presentation.

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