3 Secrets to Killer Branding and Copy

3 Secrets to Killer Branding and Copy


Are you ready to take your speaking career to the next level?

The secret is not promoting YOU. People are tired of being “sold.” They want answers to their problems, not just a list of accolades and product pitches. It’s time to flip the tables, to offer the audience the microphone, and to discover their core issues and ultimate needs. From that knowledge, you can then strategically promote your brand as the solution. So, the next time you create content or brand a message, remember that it’s imperative to point outward and not inward.

Take a moment to do some market research and compile trends within your industry:

  1. What is your audience craving?
  2. What are their pain points?
  3. What are their areas of hesitation?

From there, you can identify your audience’s wants and desires and showcase your expertise as a targeted solution to their problems.


Do you want to create excitement around your brand?

All successful writers know the key to engaging a reader is in descriptive copy. When promoting or showcasing your speaker platform, look over your content to make sure you use details to highlight your brand. This will enhance your credibility and offer a competitive advantage.

For example, which sentence is more compelling?

A. Keynote speaker and author with extensive experience and tons of satisfied clients.

B. Nationally recognized speaker and bestselling author with over 10 years’ experience and 100s of highly-satisfied clients.

If you chose B, you’re correct!

Being detailed is not just for use in headlines or your biography. It is for use in every element of your marketing platform: from testimonials to social media posts to your elevator pitch. Remember: Personalization in copy is promotional gold!


Are you ready to stand out from the thousands of other speakers?

If so, the answer is simple: Have a specific niche and market your material according to that area of expertise. Grab a pen and paper and ask your executive network, colleagues, and close friends what your specialty is. Find out what your top five areas of expertise are, and create powerful copy that entices your demographic based on those findings.

Top Ways to Separate Yourself from the Crowd: 

  1. Don’t use words in your title like “Motivational” or “Coach.” These are overplayed words and generic titles that do not describe your niche.
  2. Incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) words that are industry specific throughout your content. This will increase your online and social media rank, as well as making it easier for event planners, companies, and prospects to find you.
  3. Always leave your audience wanting more.

REMEMBER: You are unique. Your expertise is one of a kind. The most successful way to optimize your brand is to capitalize on your strengths.

Lisa Cafiero

Lisa Cafiero

Lisa Cafiero is a psychology-driven copywriter and brand strategist that specializes in increasing sales through competitive differentiation, SEO words, and emotionally-charged content. She is the owner of Write The First Time™, a full-service copywriting company designed to promote speakers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.
Lisa Cafiero
Lisa Cafiero