3 Words that Will Change Your Sales Forever

3 Words that Will Change Your Sales Forever

Are you ready to learn something (or re-learn something) that most NSA members fail at miserably? You’ve heard it before, but are you using ... »


You Got Game? Play the Engagement Game to Win Clients and Engage Audiences

In the kingdom of speaking, “engagement” wears the crown. And unfortunately, he is a king ignored by many. But it’s time to embrace his righ... »


5 Ways to Build Your Business at Conferences

If you’re like me, you go to a fair number of conferences as a speaker or as a participant. Some conferences are great and some are not so g... »


Upgrade Your Speaking Menu

What is the quickest way to add zeros to your income? Answer: Monetize the tasks you are already doing. Start by making a list of the specia... »


13 Lessons That Help Speakers Succeed

At the Financial Services Speakers Network, we hire primarily two kinds of speakers: subject matter experts and compelling motivational spea... »


Build a Breakthrough Brand

You don’t own your brand. Your customers do. There are thousands of books written on branding, and, unfortunately, there are too many people... »


4 Fundamentals to Build & Sustain a Thriving Speaking Business

There are some fundamental necessities to getting into, growing and sustaining your speaking business. Here are some basics for starting out... »


3 Online Tools to Expand Your Business and Build Your Tribe

For 21 years, I drove by my dream home, which sits on 10 pristine acres in the Cascade Mountains outside of Seattle. From time to time, I’d ... »


5 Costly Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Patricia: Lois, clients pay you for well-developed feedback. What are the costly mistakes newer and even experienced speakers make? Lois: Al... »


5 Ways Numbers Can Help Make You More Money

I learned the media business by creating magazines, trade shows and websites. I have learned that success comes from really understanding th... »

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