5 Easy Steps to Build Your List Community

Do you speak on a soft topic, like emotional intelligence, team building, relationships or coaching? For experts who speak on soft topics, i... »


3 Things an Airline Taught Me About Customer Service

All too often we are quick to jump down the throats of our favorite airlines and criticize them for something they didn’t do. We compl... »


Testimonials: Powerful Words

Life would be much simpler — and sales would be effortless — if all new clients came from trusted referrals. But that’s not always possible,... »


10 Simple Ways to Eliminate the Regrets of 20/20 Hindsight

When I was in the early stages of my speaking career, I had abundant time and opportunities ahead of me. Unfortunately, I lacked perspective... »


Content Strong: How to Strategically Showcase Your Content to Build Your Brand

After many years working with speakers, I’ve noticed a curious trend related to their content: They often don’t think they have much. Of cou... »


The Art of Powerful Testimonials: Tips to Help Grow Your Business

Which are you more likely to believe: a company representative telling you how great their product is, or a recommendation from another pers... »


3 Things Great Speakers of Tomorrow are Doing TODAY

Standing out in the world of professional speaking is similar to a pool table run meaning it’s equally as important to set yourself up... »


8 Habits to Communicate Better in a Social Media World

“Just because they build it, do we have to come?” Yes, technology know-how and social media savvy are essential for all of us who want to st... »


Twitter 101: 5 Easy Ways to Get Started

As a digital marketer, I love Twitter – for work and for my speaking engagements. So, it’s no surprise that fellow speakers ask me “Do I rea... »


Be Your Own Publicist: 8 Rules to Follow

People ask me, “Why do I need a publicist?” My answer, “Because there are too many stories, too many angles, and too many opportunities you ... »

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