Celebrity Speakers Series

Celebrity isn’t a vain pursuit. And it isn’t always about fame. It’s about name recognition–recognition that can lead to easier, better bookings as well as larger audiences. It’s no wonder some speakers seek out this status. Celebrity status can make a huge difference to a speaker’s career.

Here you can watch and listen to interviews that accompany articles in the July-August and September issues of Speaker Magazine about everyday speakers who grew their celebrity status in the speaking industry. All of the featured speakers created their celebrity status in different ways, but all have successfully leveraged speaking to increase their impact. In these interviews, each speaker pulled back the curtains and shared what worked for them, their secret sauce and the tough mindset they live by.

Check out the interviews for these celebrity speakers:

Rhonda Britten
Les Brown, CPAE
Kim Coles
Alex Ferrer
George Fraiser
Jeffrey Hayzlett, CPAE
Willie Jolley, CSP, CPAE
Daymond John
Darren Kavinoky
Lisa Nichols
Jeanne Robertson, CSP, CPAE
Alan Weiss, PhD, CSP, CPAE
Larry Wingett, CPAE


Marquesa Pettway
Marquesa Pettway, CSP, former CNN producer, is an award-winning speaker and leading authority on business reinvention for service-based entrepreneurs. Pettway creates Speakerpreneur™ by helping them create six figure signature systems, the money maker of their business. Syndicated Columnist and author.
Marquesa Pettway
Marquesa Pettway