Keynotes That Kill: How Your Program Titles Will Make or Break Your Brand



Don’t let your brand be drowned out by your competition, underwhelming content, or information overload.

It’s simple: We read news stories, social media feeds, and magazines based on the headlines. The more captivating the headline, the stronger the urge to click on the link and flip the pages.

Do you want to consistently captivate your readers’ attention?

As a speaker, your program titles are your headlines. If the content is mundane, too dry, or unoriginal, chances are your brand power or platform isn’t hooking audiences or landing gigs.

A powerful program title is a detailed description that is results driven, innovative, and has a strong engagement factor.

Take a moment and review your titles and ask if they are:

  • Reeling in audiences and readers?
  • Making your brand pop?
  • Eliciting a response from event planners and booking agents?
  • Consistently standing out from the competition?
  • Increasing your hiring ratio?

If not, it’s time to identify what missing elements need to be addressed.


One of the best copywriting secrets is to hook your reader by writing targeted solutions to their innermost fears, hesitations, and desires.

Imagine yourself and your brand as a magazine or well-known news media outlet. Each one of your program titles should solve a problem that your audience is facing.

For example, if you were a keynote speaker discussing mental acuity, which program title is more engaging?

  1. Brain Tricks: How to Think, Act, and Perform with Less Effort, and Better Results.
  2. Boost Your Mental Wi-Fi! How to Optimize Critical Thinking, Elevate Performance Levels, and Become a Goal-Making Machine.

If you chose 2, you’re correct!

REMEMBER: Solution-based titles are essential to adding credibility to your level of expertise and providing a tangible value to your services.


Are you ready to take your speaking career to the next level?

It’s one thing to have a strong brand; it’s another thing to have one-of-a-kind secondary platforms that ONLY you can offer.

If you noticed on the second program title above, the phrase “Mental Wi-Fi” is used. This is a great example of a sub-brand. Not only is this a catchy phrase that the speaker can trademark, promote, hashtag, or even write a book about, but it provides an innovative spin on the ordinary.

The use of proprietary brands adds another layer to your brand and program titles. This branding strategy when combined with creative copy will propel your keynote from a one-time speech to a long-term platform that offers the potential for additional revenue streams.

It’s great to have a booked gig but, it’s fantastic to have several gigs in queue because your program titles are causing a stir. Audiences, event planners, and industry professionals are craving original and “in your face” keynotes. Apply some of these techniques to step up your game and join the winner’s circle.

REMEMBER: The passion behind your speeches should match the titles that present them. If you abide by this formula, success will always follow.

Lisa Cafiero

Lisa Cafiero

Lisa Cafiero is a psychology-driven copywriter and brand strategist that specializes in increasing sales through competitive differentiation, SEO words, and emotionally-charged content. She is the owner of Write The First Time™, a full-service copywriting company designed to promote speakers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.
Lisa Cafiero
Lisa Cafiero