Money Under Your Nose: 8 Easy Steps for Success

Money Under Your Nose: 8 Easy Steps for Success

Do you ever seriously listen to suggestions from your audience? All professional speakers have been approached by audience members after a program, who offer suggestions for improving our presentations. Generally, the suggestions go in one ear and out the other. One day, however, I listened closely to Kirstin Carey.

For years, I had been presenting to my colleagues at NSA Chapter meetings—basically sharing my go-to market strategy of selling to associations by going in the back door through editors, who are easier to contact than meeting planners. I enjoyed doing this, and it allowed me to give back to my profession. After a half-day presentation to the Mid-Atlantic (now Philadelphia) Chapter in 1996, Kirstin suggested that I build a product around my presentation. Her suggestion struck a chord and sent my wheels in motion. I created a 100-page loose-leaf notebook and four audio CDs, and sold the package for about $300 on Amazon and at NSA Chapter meetings. I was amazed at the response.

Times and content delivery have changed and, to be honest, I got tired of hauling the notebooks to presentations. So, a few years ago, I updated the content and converted the format from a notebook to an eBook in PDF format. I also converted the audio CDs to MP3 files and changed my delivery method to online access. Speakers and consultants embraced the format with their pocketbooks.

Then, Alan Weiss, CSP, CPAE, suggested that I host my own weekend retreats. So I did. Where is the monetization today? I host a few “Selling to Associations” weekend intensives each year, and continue to regularly sell online access to my resources. One decision has served me well over the years: I continually add resources that are available through my online access program. This has made access to my resources more valuable because clients check back periodically to see if new resources are available—they have access forever.

Eight Easy Steps for Success

You also can do this very easily and economically. Here’s how:

  1. Buy a digital recorder and lapel microphone—about $100—record your sessions.
  2. Convert the recordings to MP3 format with free download software available via the Internet.
  3. Build an eBook in PDF format.
  4. Upload the resources to your website.
  5. Build an online access page on your website (no hyperlinks to this page—keep hidden) where clients can download your content.
  6. List the resource title and hyperlink to each individual resource.
  7. Sell the access to your online resources.
  8. Send the (hidden) link in an email or text to those who have paid.

Some of you may be thinking, “Oh, but Ed, someone might cheat and give away the link.” So what? Move on and don’t look back. Focus on continually creating new resources and offerings via online access to new audiences, past audiences and clients. They will reward you financially.

Ed Rigsbee

Ed Rigsbee

Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE, has his feet firmly planted on both sides of the association fence. As a CSP, he is selling to associations. As a CAE, (certified association executive) he is one of them. There are only a handful of people globally that hold both the CSP and CAE…Ed is happy to be one of them.
Ed Rigsbee
Ed Rigsbee
Ed Rigsbee
Ed Rigsbee

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