Own Your Empire: How the Pros Automatically Improve Their Internet Marketing

Own Your Empire: How the Pros Automatically Improve Their Internet Marketing

Have you ever visited a website and been instantly mesmerized with the headlines, colors and layout of the design? You find it fascinating and bookmark it as fast as you can. This is a website that you know instantly conveys authority and is worth saving. You don’t see sites like this too often. It is more common to see sites that don’t catch your eye. They convey the basic information. But you would not be able to distinguish them from 100 different websites in the same industry. How do people that build amazing websites and rockstar marketing hit it out of the park?

The answer: They measure and test everything.

When I talk to most people about why they put something on their website in a certain place or why their marketing material is worded a certain way, I usually get the answer of “It seemed good at the time and it works.” But how do you know it works? Could it work better? If it is getting 10% of the people to call you, can we make it 15%?

One of the reasons that marketing on the Internet is great is that you can test what works and what doesn’t work. When you buy an ad in a newspaper, you are committed to your words once the ink dries. But you don’t have this restriction on the Internet. If you are having tough times deciding on the “perfect” title of your free report, then don’t worry about it being “perfect.” Pick five unique titles that sound great and use all of them. There are tools that will automatically show each of your five titles randomly, and tell you which one people love the most.

Not sure if that red box on the side of your website to make an appointment with you should be green? Set up your website to automatically flip back and forth between them. There are reports that will measure how many times each one is displayed, and how many times each one is clicked. You will then get scientific evidence of which marketing works better. Making decisions on accurate, measurable information is always better than guessing or using what I like to call “cross your fingers” marketing.

The most popular tools for testing and measuring your website:

1. Google Analytics and Google Content Experiments (Free)

2. Visual Web Optimizer

3. Optimizely

The pros are doing this every day – right in front of your face. Have you ever wondered why you are seeing so many viral stories from recently? Did you know that you will sometimes see a different headline on Upworthy for a story than I will? Upworthy published a report that said they create and test 25 headlines for every story they publish. They know what headlines are great and which ones are horrible.

If you want to get more value and traction out of your website, you should check out one of the tools above to get started. It will make you a better marketer and a better business owner.

Patrick Allmond
Patrick Allmond is a 17-year veteran of the business world and creator of the popular “Own Your Empire” marketing system. When he is not flying planes, he is onstage or in the office showing business owners how to be rockstar marketers in their industry using the Internet and social media. He is a also a frequent contributor to the local Fox, NBC and CBS news affiliates and has a regular social media segment on KSBI TV.
Patrick Allmond
Patrick Allmond
Patrick Allmond