Prezi Presentations: 10 Ways to Wow on Computers, iPads and Websites


The presentation software Prezi allows you to convert your existing slide deck into a dynamic new show that can better engage your audiences on your computer, iPad®, and your website. Prezi will help you get more from your existing content, and start igniting audiences like never before.

Prezi on Computers

Prezi ditches the traditional slide-by-slide format of PowerPoint® and Keynote® in favor of an open canvas. Prezi opens a new world of possibilities for presenters looking to supplement their words with visual aids:

1. Establish Context: By eliminating slides, Prezi guides users to organize their concepts first and then define the details rather than pumping out bullet points on a predefined template. While the loss of PowerPoint’s rigid structure can be initially scary, you’ll soon discover your ideas are better organized, and your audiences can more easily track them as the presentation moves in and out of sections.

2. Demonstrate Relationships: The slides of traditional tools are inherently independent – when one slide appears, the previous one disappears. With Prezi, users can show one frame, then zoom in on a specific part of that frame to emphasize a point and reveal additional text or images. Frames can build upon one another to offer clear relationships and conceptual progressions.

3. Unveil Surprises: Audiences quickly tire of traditional presentation tools because they look so similar to the thousands of presentations they’ve seen before. Prezi offers unlimited outcome possibilities, including the popular end-of-presentation “reveal,” where a zoom-out shows the entire presentation was given on a globe, stage, business card, TV screen…anything that reinforces the presentation’s theme and leaves the audience with a lasting visual impression.

4. No standalone software: The only requirement from a computer playing a Prezi is to have Adobe Flash player installed, which nearly all modern computers already have.

Because Prezi playback isn’t dependent on its own software, users can avoid the frequent compatibility issues that arise when PowerPoint or Keynotes are transferred to computers with different software versions.

Prezi on iPads

The Prezi iPad app makes it just as functional for small groups and one-on-one meetings as it is for presentations to full auditoriums. Even if your meetings don’t usually feature presentations, having useful visual aids loaded on your iPad can be a great way to help attendees better understand your message anywhere you’re giving it.

5. Free: The Prezi iPad app is a free download from the app store, unlike Apple’s Keynote ($9.99) and Microsoft’s PowerPoint (no native iPad app).

6. Ease of Install: After downloading the app and logging in, users can view all their Prezis and download them directly to the iPad for playback online or offline. Prezi automatically embeds all the pictures, videos and other multimedia from your presentation into one file, ensuring the iPad version plays back the same way as the computer version.

7. Visual Engagement: The unique visual elements outlined in the “Prezi on Computers” section can often be even more beneficial for small group meetings. Unlike people sitting in front of a projector, clients reviewing information on an iPad are only going to look at each frame for a few seconds, so it’s especially critical the information is visually engaging, accessible and easy to digest.

8. Empower Participants: Presenting through the iPad allows you to utilize a simple yet powerful trick: passing control to the audience. By handing the iPad to your meeting member(s), you give them control of both the pace and content of the presentation – bolstering engagement and comprehension.

Prezi on Websites

In addition to playback on your computer and iPad, Prezi has an embed tool that allows you to easily feature presentations on your website to get even more from every project:

9. Presentation Previews: Sometimes it can be difficult to explain your services and expertise, so having a sample of your presentation available online allows prospects to get a better understanding of your offerings. This can be especially true when combined with the next point…

10. Voice Presentations: Prezi allows users to add audio files to every frame in the presentation, so viewers can hear narration accompanying the visuals. You can utilize this feature to create dynamic previews for prospects, make entire presentations available online, and even monetize presentations you’ve previously recorded.

Luke Goetting

Luke Goetting

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