Put an Innovative Spin on the Ordinary and Separate Yourself from the Competition

Put an Innovative Spin on the Ordinary and Separate Yourself from the Competition

You know the drill. There are thousands of speakers with the same core purpose: motivate, educate and/or inspire. You already have the passion and commitment to make a difference, yet one question not only needs answering, but begs for a solution. How do you separate yourself from all the other leaders in your field? Simple. Put an innovative spin on the ordinary. All great speakers know that this is the combination of their personal story, message and how they present it. In the world of copy-writing and branding, this is the secret to making your platform captivating, memorable and hashtag worthy. Here are some simple steps to transform your spin from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Magnify: Let’s zoom in and figure out if your platform is as dynamic and original as you are. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the presentation of your message original? (i.e. if you googled your catch phrases, are they already inscribed in a coffee table book?)
  • Do you have a single sentence that your audience, subscribers and fans remember you by? Do you leave people wanting more?
  • Are you excited to pitch you? If you were an Event Planner, would you book you?

If you said no to any of these questions, then you are at a really great point to reflect on your speaking platform and make the necessary changes to elevate it.

What is the solution? Drop all catch phrases, talking points and social media posts that are circling the internet ad nauseum. You are better than that. Your message is stronger than that. Brainstorm on what you really want people to take away when they hear you or read your Twitter feed. Go back to the time when you couldn’t wait to get on stage and were eager to speak. What lit the fire under you? Write down those thoughts and pitch that to yourself.

2. Revamp: Now that you are clearer on what needs to be improved, here is my personal copy-writing technique that you can apply. Let’s start with a simple catchphrase that can be used in an elevator pitch, beginning of a keynote, or as a meme on Instagram.

    • Old spin: “Celebrate the small steps to success.”This phrase is uber familiar but is relevant to the message and story of the speaker. Here’s how to up the ante of the copy:
        • Separate the “success” and animate it, give it life and a persona.
        • Figure out what feeling or action you are trying to leave your audience with?
        • Create a second statement that promotes this.
    • Innovative spin: “Success deserves its own birthday cake. The first candle should be lit the moment you start.” – Dorothy Erlanger.This technique works wonders and can be used during creative brainstorming sessions for a myriad of topics and platforms.

Remember, if you take the time to sift through your message, it will become a gift to your audience and part of a legacy you will be proud of.

Lisa Cafiero

Lisa Cafiero

Lisa Cafiero is a psychology-driven copywriter and brand strategist that specializes in increasing sales through competitive differentiation, SEO words, and emotionally-charged content. She is the owner of Write The First Time™, a full-service copywriting company designed to promote speakers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.
Lisa Cafiero
Lisa Cafiero