Audience Engagement


Will You Marry Me? 5 Tips for Fully Engaging Your Clients

Remember the old elementary school rhyme, “First comes love, then comes marriage…”? It was so embarrassing to be caught “loving” someo... »


11 Deadly Presentation Sins

A couple of years ago, I had the misfortune to attend the worst presentation of my life. The speaker made every mistake in the book: He star... »


Be a Master of Ceremonies

Speakers can enhance their value to clients by serving as a master of ceremonies, or emcee. I remember when I spoke at a broadcasting confer... »


4 Levels of Evaluation That Impact Your Business Bottom Line

Rick was not a professional speaker. And it showed. The squinting audience needed binoculars to read his crowded, disorganized PowerPoint®. ... »


The Value of Soft Skills in a Hard World

Not long ago, soft skills were viewed as unnecessary, a waste of time, and a dead end for marketing speaking engagements. Well, things have ... »


Connecting with Distance Learning

I just finished my first in-house virtual training on tax return analysis. The training goes beyond live webinars, so the tricks for connect... »


Don’t Let Your Clients Suffer From Post Terrible Speaker Disorder

Getting outrageous demands from a client? Your client may be suffering from Post Terrible Speaker Disorder! Symptoms include: Unreasonable d... »

Why Audiences Detest Presenters That Abuse or Avoid PowerPoint

Why Audiences Detest Presenters That Abuse or Avoid PowerPoint

Presentations are the business currency of today. PowerPoint® is often the legal tender of those presentations. We trade and share PowerPoin... »


Happy Meals or Happy Tales: Serve Up Stories Made to Order

A Systematic Approach for Serving Up Stores Made to Order Look, I get it. As speakers, it’s drilled into us. “You must have great, unforgett... »

The 4-Step Formula for Seeing Humor in the World

The 4-Step Formula for Seeing Humor in the World

One of the most common questions funny people get is, “How do you ever come up with that stuff?” As a professional humorist (as opposed to a... »

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