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Flat to Fabulous: How to Put More Character in Your Characters

Flat to Fabulous: How to Put More Character in Your Characters

Come follow me past Critter’s Creek, to the tiny town of which I speak, about a mile and a hair past anywhere you’ve been. Welcome to Prides... »


Top 10 Most Annoying Speaker Habits

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect Every Time You’re On Stage…But You Definitely Want to Avoid Traits and Habits that Prevent Effective Communicat... »


6 Tips to Reload Your Internal Database

Backstage before a concert, you will find the professional musicians rehearsing the well-known numbers they are about to perform for the ump... »


Your Invisible Anchor: 6 Steps to Inspire Action

Everyone has heard of Pavlov’s dogs. He showed a dog a steak and rang a bell at the same time. The dog salivated. After a few times of repea... »


What it Takes to Be Perceived as Powerful on the Platform

Brian Palmer, the president of the National Speakers Bureau (NSB), is a long-time supporter of NSA, as was his father the legendary John Pal... »


Twitter 101: 5 Easy Ways to Get Started

As a digital marketer, I love Twitter – for work and for my speaking engagements. So, it’s no surprise that fellow speakers ask me “Do I rea... »


5 Times When ‘Faking It’ is Better Than Authenticity

There have been times when I have put on an act for my clients and audiences. And, contrary to the conventional NSA wisdom about always bein... »


Don’t Be Caught Tailoring Your Presentation with These 5 Tricks

When you tailor your presentation to a particular audience, you not only prove your professionalism in understanding them and their needs, y... »

Seated Ovations: How to Measure Your Presentation’s Success

Seated Ovations: How to Measure Your Presentation’s Success

Who doesn’t like to receive a standing ovation? It’s the ultimate conclusion to a terrific presentation. It is validation. It is (for those ... »


Five Speaking Rules You Can Break

As with almost anything else you read about the speaking business, these ideas may or may not work for you. They work for me. As the old say... »

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