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On the Contrary

My first several years as a speaker, consultant and entrepreneur were spent focusing on what everyone else was doing. I tried to figure out ... »


4 Fundamentals to Build & Sustain a Thriving Speaking Business

There are some fundamental necessities to getting into, growing and sustaining your speaking business. Here are some basics for starting out... »


How to Stay Out of Speaker Theft Jail

Was I Guilty? Had I Committed The Ultimate Speakers’ Crime? I had my chance to “give back” to the profession with a breakout presentation at... »


5 Costly Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Patricia: Lois, clients pay you for well-developed feedback. What are the costly mistakes newer and even experienced speakers make? Lois: Al... »


Don’t Let Your Clients Suffer From Post Terrible Speaker Disorder

Getting outrageous demands from a client? Your client may be suffering from Post Terrible Speaker Disorder! Symptoms include: Unreasonable d... »


Content Trumps Everything

I asked a number of speakers what criteria they believe are most important when it comes to winning keynote opportunities. Typical comments ... »

The 4-Step Formula for Seeing Humor in the World

The 4-Step Formula for Seeing Humor in the World

One of the most common questions funny people get is, “How do you ever come up with that stuff?” As a professional humorist (as opposed to a... »

Be the Leader in Your Own Life

Be the Leader in Your Own Life

Bad things happen to good people. That’s just a harsh reality of life. That’s the bad news. The good news is that your success in life has s... »


The Myths of Uniqueness and Being the Best

Competency is Just Table Stakes Many people complain about the external forces that keep them from their goals. But it’s becoming clear that... »


When Saying “Yes” Can Cost You

To showcase or not to showcase? That seems to be the perennial argument in speaking communities, with opinions split between those who belie... »

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