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10 Simple Ways to Eliminate the Regrets of 20/20 Hindsight

When I was in the early stages of my speaking career, I had abundant time and opportunities ahead of me. Unfortunately, I lacked perspective... »


Do Less, Make More: Work Only One Hour a Day by Mastering Leverage

I’ve been trying an experiment. For the last six months, I’ve been working, on average, only one hour each day on my speaking business. This... »


Do You Notice Everything?

Are You a Highly Perceptive Individual? How to Deal with Exceptional Perception and Extraordinary Perspective Dale Irvin, CPAE, gave his sum... »


The Art of Powerful Testimonials: Tips to Help Grow Your Business

Which are you more likely to believe: a company representative telling you how great their product is, or a recommendation from another pers... »


The 7 Daily Disciplines of the Successful Speaker

Fellow professional speaker Scott Ginsberg once asked me, “What do you do each day to assure your ongoing success?” I thought it was one of ... »


Role Agreements, Not Job Descriptions

When hiring staff, many people use ‘job descriptions’ to define what the person will do. I’ve found this way too limiting;... »


Murphy’s Law & Virtual Training: 3 Steps to Make it Smooth Sailing

Have you tried something new in a live training and had it not go as planned? When you are an accomplished trainer with a depth of knowledge... »

Money to Grow On–10 Spending Guidelines for Speakers

Money to Grow On–10 Spending Guidelines for Speakers

One of the biggest decisions in most businesses is how to spend profits wisely to grow the business, and how to stay profitable when the eco... »


Wringing More Value from Your Core Content

These are exciting times for professional speakers who write books. Modern techniques and new technologies speed our writing and expand our ... »

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